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Bulk sms sounds very popular now a days, what every one believes these days that this is the best platform that helps every businessman increasing business. Text messages have been appealing to the masses for several years now and their popularity is growing more than ever.
Marketing on a mobile phone has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS in the early 2000s when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send the content.

Over the past few years SMS has become a very popular advertising channel in India. This happened because unlike email over the public Internet, sms can be read at ease.

We know that this has been fruitful in developed regions such as metro cities but when we talk about other cities collection of database was very tough and due to this fact the service providers very more keen in metro cities.

A research tells that the sms bombardment on the general public cell phone is 15% higher than any other city in India.

Few unethical businessmen opted the way of spam sms marketing to earn more, but they failed as TRAI took some hard actions to prevent spam.

Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Mumbai and other cities as the competition in the CAPITAL increased at a very vast rate. A sms is confined within 160 characters still the business impact is better than Print, TV commercials, and other traditional methods.

There are 100 of companies working in this trade only the difference is few of us are aggregators and rests of them are resellers.The main fight in this Industry is rates as the resellers are not bothered about margins and Honesty while running the campaigns still any how the things are manageable.

There are n numbers of methods now a days in which you can effectively convey your message to your target audience or market, one of it is through SMS or Short Message Service applications or gateway.

Why sms is better than other medium? The answer is the lower cost, Instant delivery of the content to the target market. Apart from these three factors its user-friendly and time saving process makes it more popular.
The only thing that a Bulk sms / marketing / online marketing company should keep in mind is the quality of database and the delivery ratio of the sms weather you are an aggregator or a reseller.
The content of the sms means the things should be defined within 160 characters and the information given should be clear and to the point. We believe that India got the best marketing tool, which already changed the complete scenario of branding and marketing exercise.

To know hidden facts about this industry mail us at sales@myinboxmedia.com
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Bulk Sms In India

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    Good article

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