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Bulk SMS marketing technique is a trendy, cost-effective, responsive and a quick way to reach out to thousands of customers in a short time. It is an effective communication tool that transforms brand image overnight. These text campaigns are typically sent via ready-made software, which utilizes SMS gateway to send mass messages at the click of a mouse button.

Bulk SMS provider is an entity which provides this platform to the end user. These entities obtain rights from the mobile phone companies by paying a certain amount to exploit their gateway feature.

So how does bulk SMS help businesses?

Bulk SMS is used in a variety of marketing campaigns, such as promotional events, new product launches and other services like reminders and alerts. This strategy will always update the customer about a particular company, its products and services; which in turn will boost sales and create excellent brand recall value. In short, the bottom-line of the company will see a remarkable change.

Bulk SMS providers typically ask you to buy credits. Below mentioned are some of the important issues that need to be addressed before opting for any provider.

1. Cost. Check if your provider offers you competitive prices irrespective of the number of credits you buy and the type of destination.

2. The validity of the credits.

3. Type of software. Typically, these providers offer the following methods; Web SMS, Excel to SMS, API's and Desktop application.

Increased profits, better customer relationship and lower marketing costs are some of the advantages of using bulk SMS. It is one of the marketing avenues to broadcast information of a company and its products.

Short codes (also known as short number) are special numbers that are used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. Short codes are generally used to provide value-added services to the customers. Reality show voting, information on demand like railway booking & weather update, customer feedback are some of the premium services. Generally, messages sent to short code are charged more than the normal SMS.

Short code is typically 5 or 6 digit number that is used for interactive services. The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) is the authority that handles the registration process. This type of supervision is essential to prevent overlapping and ensures smooth working of registered codes.

What does SMS Reseller mean?

These are entities (business houses, individuals and even students) that are a part of the SMS marketing world. It does not take a fortune or long working hours to become a part of a reseller program.

Anyone who has a couple of hours of free time, a capacity for small investment and a passion for sales can start SMS reselling business. Here are the advantages of the SMS reselling program apart from earning decent returns.

1. It requires absolutely no setup fees.

2. You need to work as and when you feel.

3. Support provided by the parent company.

4. Simple and easy to operate application/software.

5. Huge market for this type of product.

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Bulk SMS Provider - Your gateway to trendy mobile marketing

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Bulk SMS Provider - Your gateway to trendy mobile marketing

This article was published on 2011/09/14