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Today, technology is moving towards the future of the wireless web. Mobile devices such as palmtops, handhelds, and cellular phones are becoming all the rage. People want these devices to do everything from access their e-mail accounts, to utilize the Internet, to access personal and corporate information.


SMS stands for Short Message Service, but is more commonly known as "texting". Text messaging is of course hugely popular, especially where you consider that the Network Operators never expected it to be a hit - in fact it was 'launched' by accident. Mobile Phone Network Operators used a spare data channel to send each other messages, and it caught on. Improvements to the service, such as T9 predictive text (to help type faster), have helped to improve the service, and a number of enhancements such as enhanced messaging (EMS) led to MMS multimedia messaging (messages with video, photos and sound).


SMS is a very inexpensive method of communication. 160 characters take up as much room as a one-second voice call. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on). Like e-mail, they can also be reviewed or stored in your phone for as long as you wish. SMS messages can also be sent out to huge groups of people with the single press of a button. SMS also allows for unified messaging. This is where SMS can take on a number of different message formats (including voice mail, e-mail and fax) and allows users to access them from their mobile device. As well as sending text messages to friends, SMS messages can be used by your operator to send you phone settings over-the-air and software, for companies to send dedicated content (and spam) to your mobile, and for services such as online voting, news alerts and competitions.


If you text a lot, it's well worth having a look around to get on a tariff that offers lots of free texts. We're fans of Book Free SMS online, with tariffs that offer unlimited free text messages .They offer a number of bolt-on extras too. Check out details of their online at www.msg91.com


BulkSMS Services featuring: Capable of sending thousands of SMSs in minutes, You own Personalized Sender ID,Web based user accounts, with storage capacity of over 1 million numbers and 5,000 Groups and address book, Group SMS: Send SMS one-by-one or by Groups, Scheduled Messaging and lots more....


Bulksms Gateway Features: Two way SMS communication, Choose SMS senders field, Instant delivery for SMS, Lowest and best rates (BulkSMS India), 24x7 Customer support, Access anywhere any time, Free website for SMS resellers.


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